Saturday, July 23, 2016


It's a disease!

Yesterday - July 22,2016 - it was a safer less violent world said Obama. Since then two large terror attacks. 

"When one fails to see the problem, one has become the problem."  

The disease afflicting liberals has blinded them to reality. They live in a bubble of their own making where their actions have no consequence, where everything is the fault of someone else, even when history proves them wrong, such as George Takei on the Japanese Internment when in fact FDR, a democrat, was responsible for signing that bill. 

"When one fails to see the problem, one has become the problem."

Liberal media pretend Wikileaks of DNC emails showing smear campaigns against Bernie Sanders, and Trump, as well as other lies invented - just do not exist. They also showed NBC reporter getting his story approved by DNC before airing it. Again no liberal air time. 

"Isn't the news supposed to report the news?"

When your news media is so slanted that you only get the bits they want you to have, you are living in a bubble. Like Obama's statement about the world being less violent. Or CNN poll showing Trumps new favorable high rating, only to yank it off hours later because they forgot they were anti-Trump but pretending to be a real news group (first clue to the contrary - Don Lemon!)

"If you have to question the truth about one thing, you have to question the truth about all things."

The problem is that liberals have been trained not to question the truth. The PC Nazis have made it so that anyone questioning the truth is a racist, sexist, -phobic, anti- give peace a chance.  

Just like all those pretty drug commercials on television followed by minutes of nasty disclaimers spoken so fast you might miss the terrible side effects, you cannot question anything without being considered a kook. 

"The world isn't safer and Americans have had enough Kool-aid."

Are you earning more money? Have health costs been controlled? Are taxes low? Have you advanced over the last seven plus years? Did you have to move back home to afford rent or home ownership?  Are you still struggling paycheck to paycheck?  How big was your last raise? Or how small?

These are indicators of how good things are not!  Everywhere you look society has been pasteurized and offers the same endless breweries with ten thousand beer choices, endless sales to entice your debt, endless defective product recalls - if you escaped the Takata airbag recall you are lucky. 

Liberals want to add homogenization to the pasteurization. Everybody is fine. All races and ethnicities. New sexual orientations emerge monthly and are given equal status, all without proof of validity. And yet we ignore near 3000 deaths in Chicago from black on black killings in favor of Black Lives Matter because it's more sensational to report on whites killing blacks or cops killing blacks (although they tend to avoid black cops killing blacks) because it is a racist issue - it is anti-white and rapidly growing. But again, anyone speaking up is a racist. 

"There goes the First Amendment."

Anyone thinking this is fine, anyone considering having all our manufacturing sucked overseas, anyone believing they are charitable for allowing undocumented and unvetted immigrants into the country despite the warnings from security forces that we get ISIS as well, is simply sticking their head in the sand with an "it can't happen to me" attitude that will come back and bite us all in the ass. 

Sadly, when that day comes again, as it did on 9/11, it will be worse and likely causing larger casualties and long term effects on our safety and economics. Just look at the terror playbook in Europe. Daily strikes, fifty plus dead at a time, or more. Targets are people, crowds, groups, malls, parties. 

But have you bothered to read what they had announced even from Bin Laden's time, that the goal of getting a dirty bomb to an American city would start a chain reaction of fear and economic collapse?  Can you imagine something at a sporting arena, a mall during holidays, or just downtown San Francisco or Los Angeles?  You don't have to imagine too hard because if they want ideas all they need do is watch American made disaster movies!

"The enemy of my enemy is also my enemy."  

As a nation we have not learned that selling weapons to others only means we will wind up fighting our own weapons at some point. The whole state of the Middle East has always been a disaster of epic proportions since recorded history. Without oil we wouldn't care about it. All our peace overtures and brokered truces have amounted to nothing but hatred of America and Americans. 

But then the Obama administration lifts Iranian sanctions, gives them billions off dollars and all this despite the Iranians rejecting 99.9999% of our terms of inspections. They happily take the cash while chanting "Death to America" on their TV and in the streets.  And now it looks like they also get to restart nuclear production due to a secret agreement which we were not told about. 

But that's okay with Liberal America because they have a liberal president. Nothing else matters. 

We live in dangerous times. I see it, but I know many of my liberal friends are too blinded to see it. Events are speeding up. Decay is settling in. Freedoms are under fire. While most liberals focus on the Second Amendment the real danger is to the First Amendment. Without freedom of speech or controlled speech by assigning labels of "hate speech" to anything contrary to your political view, you are allowing speech to become controlled. No there won't be a ruling on it. It will just happen, like everything else. 

When you tell a lie three times someone will believe it to be the truth. But can you tell it's a lie? When you choose to like your leadership you tend to do nothing to investigate. 

Even worse, if you are encouraged not to investigate, you stop paying attention. Watch any of the "Man on the Street" interviews and you find most people don't even know who runs the country, let alone where our enemies are geographically located. That alone should make us scream in disbelief, but there is a sale going on at Target and you even get to choose which bathroom you use.  So why bother with the boring stuff?

Because your elected officials are supposed to represent you, not the other way around. 

"Congress has become the most fantastic career job requiring only charisma to get into."

When you have congressional members looking older than dirt and about to keel over, you know they have been there too long. 

And finally, two quotes:

John F Kennedy: "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

Hillary Clinton: (to Congress, on the Benghazi dead) "What difference does it make."

Mrs. Clinton, it makes all the difference in the world, just like your lies about sniper fire, emails, and all the ones we likely do not know about. 

But it's all good because liberals have convinced themselves that Trump will start WWIII that they will ignore just about everything else, even though rationally, the systems is a lie  in fact, all the comments attributed to Trump have taken his bombast, edited out the explanations and offered just the sensationalistic part of what he said. 

You can't argue with a liberal. It's like arguing with alcoholic. They are in denial and when you touch a nerve they just call you a racist. 

If you think you can stomach some of the Kool-aid talking points, check out these liberal quotes.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Year of Voting Dangerously

The year of voting dangerously

 For most people, this election cycle has been the most contentious, most confusing, at least desirable, in what is our constitutional right to choose leadership.

In the left corner of the ring, coming off a run as the former Secretary of State, wrapped up in controversy between Benghazi and official emails placed on her personal email server, former President Bill Clinton's wife Hillary, now vying to be the first female president.

In the right corner of the ring, coming off a successful run of reality television, real estate mogul Donald Trump, a man with a uniquely drastic view - banning Muslim entry to the US until a decent vetting system can be put into place - matching his uniquely drastic hairdo, and yet nonetheless boldly securing the votes needed to make him the presumptive Republican nominee. 

I cannot recall a time when the left and the right were so diametrically opposed, to an extent that defies logic given that the founding fathers wanted a system of checks and balances, not extremes, so extreme that it is inconceivable a moderate position might ever be reached again. 

But too, neither side is rating favorably - trust factors with Hillary Clinton casts a huge shadow on her presidential bid, and the lack of knowledge, political experience, and tact on the part of Donald Trump, who has probably managed to offend just about everybody, despite maintaining his popular position, makes this the year of voting dangerously.

What remains to be seen at the end of the day, is whether voters will choose the lesser of the two evils; electing Clinton out of familiarity from her husband's tenure, or electing trump out of a deep desire to totally shake up the system and not repeat the mistakes of the past few decades.

In this ever increasingly dangerous world, we find ourselves caught up between political correctness and avert, unrestrained bombasticity, with voters aligning strictly and unceremoniously on the side of their party's candidate - for the most part.

Whomever becomes the next president of United States, the challenges left by the debris of our massive national debt, our inability to prevent terrorists from coming in, and a rapidly devolving international arena, may prove to be insurmountable. And that coupled with an average 46 percent of citizens electing not to vote, further muddies a process that was designed to unite and strengthen us. 

Many people argue the choice for president no longer matters in the face of divisive partisanship that has stagnated effective governance for too many years, and which may well continue, akin to bickering children left unattended. 

Had they known this, I suspect the founding fathers may well have chosen to include a few more rules for their children to follow. 

Ding, ding. Let the match begin!

Also published in The Diablo Gazette (July 2016 issue)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Oprah Our favorite pet chicken, Oprah, mother of the velociraptor hen, appeared bloated and with a belly on fire about three days ago. After much research we concluded that it was egg yolk peritonitis, what happens when the yolk fails to follow the tract that intersects the digestive tract. In short, the yolk went to her abdomen causing peritonitis, a usually fatal condition (caused by the weaker genetics of modern chickens raised for production.)  The problem is that Oprah is a pet, a chicken with a lovely disposition, who has followed us around talking to us, responding when spoken to and demonstrating chicken affection.

Backstory: our first generation roosters were rapists, damaging the combs of the hens and stripping them near bare and leaving bloody pulps.  Oprah was the second victim, the first "Baldy" was so enamored with the rooster "Colonel Studmuffin" that she wouldn't leave his side even after the desecration. She apparently suffered from battered chicken syndrome. 

Colonel StudMuffin But Oprah was glad of our protection, following us across the field, coming on walks, hanging on the deck, talking clucks whenever someone asked her a question. She was damaged goods. Her beautiful jet black with a tinge of cobalt blue feathers ragged and missing. 

Only after Colonel Studmuffin left us - that is another story - were we able to reintegrate Oprah with her 7 other sister hens, now laying fertile eggs.

One day one hen, Caitlyn Jenner, began brooding, sitting and defending whatever she was on. To look we would be attacked. With heavy work gloves we shifted CJ's rear to discover 9 eggs beneath her. Amidst her refute, we held a flashlight to each egg, finding those with solid masses versus the clear ones. Marking the fertile ones with an X we left them in place and waited out the hatching. 

During this time we were rooster less. Colonel Studmuffin had moved on, and happy to no longer hear the ridiculous 3 am crowing from this deranged rooster, we enjoyed the silence. 

Caitlyn Jenner and baby chick  After some time, the eggs hatched. CJ was vigilant. 4 eggs hatched, obviously from different mother hens. CJ had taken on the brooding role, plumped herself up to cover the tribe and kept the rest of the flock at bay. 

We decided to play it safe. Prior to hatching we force relocated CJ to a cage within the pen, knowing that we would need a safe space for the chicks so the others might not attack them.

4 chicks were born and the rest of the eggs discarded. Chicks are like babies - you can't not love them. Hiding behind mama, they would peek out. Three grays and one black. We knew Oprah was the mama of the black one. 

The grays changed as they grew, gawky teens, changed colors and rapidly no longer needing CJ who stopped being plump and eventually allowed them to integrate into the sisterhood of the yaya!

Now we had 12.

Eggs were forthcoming. 

One day one of the adult chickens was hiding. Her head a bloody mess. She had been abused. Horrified we quickly did some investigative work and concluded that a rooster was in the midst - one of the young 'uns had come of age but had not yet graced the morning with the sound of descending chicken testes. 

Finding him, we banished him from the inner coop - forever would he roam the exterior, acting like Prince Philip , but never to be near the Queen. 

And yet the abused hen continued to bleed. She would hide her head beneath a cinder block for protection. 

Damn! Another cock in the mix. But how to tell - it is not easy when they are young and do not crow. 

We figured out that the male had a little stubby on his leg that the others didn't have, except for... the other rooster. Busted dude!

I grabbed him and hurled him out the coop. 

Rooster on patrol Now two roosters walk the coop, one on the roof and one on the ground. They sleep with the pig at night for protection! 

But the hens are happy, no longer abused, full and fluffy feathers, and with a new inner and outer coop where they are safe.

Until Oprah bloated up three days ago.

It had to be Oprah. Couldn't have been just chicken; had to be our Oprah chicken. She's a tough bird, survived the abuse, and now battles for her life.

Egg Yolk Peritonitis is usually fatal. It is akin to having your appendix burst. You may get a few days of normal, but then the infection shuts down organs, you stop eating and you die. 

And yet Oprah was eating, drinking, pooping and clucking. She still talked back, although her belly was huge and extremely hot. 

The funny thing with vets is that chickens are like lizards - you do not take your chicken to the vet unless it is deep fried in a bucket.

And so we took to the Internet to see what could be done.

Immediately antibiotics were needed. The problem is getting antibiotics.  Luckily I had some recently expired Amoxicillin Clavulanate tablets that I had not yet disposed of. Next up was finding the appropriate dose. 

For an average chicken (5lbs) a dose of 300mg of amoxicillin clavulanate would be good. I had 800mg tablets. Crap!

Cut a tablet in half and then half again would yield 200 mg. Cut another the same way and one more time would yield 300 mg. Crush it to a powder and mix it with a sweet juice, then somehow...and I do not say that lightly... get your chicken to agree to ingest it! 

I tried finger feeding the bird. She did take some of it, but I guessed over half was wasted. Then I went to the local D&B and bought a syringe (sans needle) and decided force feeding would be good. That worked. 

She needed an anti-inflammatory. The Internet said low dose aspirin would be good and St. Joseph has small red ones - chickens are suckers for red - that they would just snap up. 

And she did. 

By day two her belly heat was less, but she was still bloated. She ate and drank and talked normally, looking like a fat chicken rather than a sick chicken.

I began to question my methodology. Yes, I had researched this for well over a few hours, but I was not a vet. So on the third day we took her to a local vet who confessed his chicken experience was more on the eating side and less on the treating side. He pulled fluid from her abdomen with a needle - yolkish liquid. It was infection, not ascites and definitely infection.

Generally this is fatal, he said. What do you want to do? 

Antibiotics? I asked. Yes. Baytril. Shots are better. No problem; I can give those. Easier than trying to get Oprah to drink antibiotics. 

We could anesthetize her and then put in a drain, he said. At some point one has to say it is too much. No, I said. I can drain her myself. Let's see if the Baytril helps and then I know the infection has to be drained out. 

No expectations. What is in Oprah's favor is that she eats, drinks, talks and poops normally. It's just that big belly that is the problem.

Heavy Internet research -  the odds are not good. But then again, as Han Solo told Luke Skywalker, and as I said after our cat was diagnosed with terminal cancer and suggested to be put to sleep, now 5 years ago - she is fine by the way - "Never tell me the odds, kid!"

We'll see what happens. Life on the farm is fun, difficult, challenging and exciting. But if you can't be bothered saving a chicken you've name Oprah, you've learned nothing about life. 

Sure, she is only a chicken, but then again, you are only a person, and as we know, too many people are just assholes. She is more than a chicken because she tells us so.

If you want to know what life is about, there is your lesson.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Watching Bill Cosby's demise. It seems celebrity-awed America elevates and then shreds those we put upon pedestals. Certainly these folks brought it upon themselves; however each demise sours us. We now insist that our stories are dystopic. We use the term "rage against..."  And we see the flaws in every aspect of society. The number of bleak sci-fi movies showing a destroyed society is amazing. Independence Day 2 comes out soon and the trailer is great if you want to see the landmarks getting destroyed. After 2012, ID, Deep Impact, Armageddon, San Andreas and all those others I have forgotten, destruction is not really amazing anymore. 

 I grew up with the iconic and wholesome super heroes of the seventies and eighties, simple ethics (good versus evil -- we are no longer allowed to label evil; it's just good that has taken a wrong turn and must be supported.)

Even the uniforms were primary, even if Supes wore his red undies outside.  Now it's dark because simple idealism fails miserably in our modern world of greed, corruption, pollution and control. 

How many buildings (and lives within) were annihilated in Man of Steel, and then again in Batman v Superman?  More destruction. Destroy the mythos of the superhero. Joseph Campbell would have a field day interpreting that as our modern mythology. 

Nolan's, The Dark Knight trilogy with Christian Bale, was a story of a desire to be heroic versus the harsh reality of the world, and for a time we believed his Batman could be the hero despite the darkness. Of course I wondered how much time was spent cleaning bat poop off the batmobile, but that's another story. And Man of Steel was a story of a nice guy trying to find his way, until others forced him darker. 

In my youth Superman was about "Truth, justice and the American way," yet now we don't recognize truth amidst the lies, justice smells funny and can you define the American way?  

And now, no one wants a superhero to be spotless and clean. 

It's sad. 

I liked Cosby. His take on parenting was spot on. But now no one can watch The Cosby Show, another eighties staple of clean, family entertainment knowing that Mr Pudding In A Cloud was drugging his sex victims. The guy appears to be the worst of times. 

I miss the simpler time. Maybe it was never really there; perhaps it was just an illusion that things were better, stronger, with a better morality given how they turned out later in life. Child stars gone bad and the bimbos who love them. Film at 11!

There's nothing left to the imagination whether a book, film or reality shows, sexualizing everything. I didn't need to see naked Kardashians or filthy Miley, just as I didn't need to hear Lohan gone wild and who's doing whom in Hollyweird. It all makes poor old Madonna look like a nun now. 

Like the Matrix, was it better to take the pill that kept you in the dream state? Or the one that made you see the grim dirt of reality, the oppression of a society based on money and greed and power and yet pretending to be equal for all, as they spoon feed you commercials for Fruit Loops and Latuda or some other coping drug. 

Or is this just a dream state where I awaken to find we actually have decent leaders and a bright new tomorrow. 

I know we choose our attitude. I also know our attitude is often chosen for us. Jello Pudding, anyone?


Saturday, May 21, 2016


There comes a time for sweeping global changes, the kind that pits ideology against ideology and, hopefully, can avoid a war in the process. Mankind is terrible about change and change is always forced and never just accepted. 

In the US we live divided between old school conservative ideas and extreme left openness and welcoming of people of questionable origin and intent, all without adequate ways to ensure our safety.  In the midst, the leftist PC mongers have changed how and what we must tolerate, usually by imposing laws that cover everything from gender to the use of bathroom choice, all in the name of non-discrimination.  

And while I don't consider myself anything more than a moderate bound by rules of common sense and decency, regardless its antiquity, it frightens me to see how more and more uninformed and under educated people — those who read nothing of world news — passively accept this new philosophy that opens the doors to danger, as Europe consistently demonstrates. 

Yet, there is rationalism out there, people refusing to accept the liberal PC vanilla, give everyone whatever they want attitude. 

From the article:

This is the latest in a long line of controversies. Mr Wilders was refused entry into the UK 2009 for alleged Islamophobia, a decision later overturned by the courts, but now lives under 24-hour armed guard after being placed on the ‘kill lists’ of several Islamist terror groups.

He continues to campaign against what he calls the “Islamisization of western Europe”, but all rejects violence – although he has been blamed indirectly after his anti-Islamic ideas were cited approvingly in the ‘manifesto’ of Anders Breivik, the anti-Islamic Norwegian terrorist who killed 77 people in a gun attack on a youth camp in 2011.

Mr Wilders, who wants to ban what he calls the “fascist” Koran, tax headscarves and deport all dual nationals who commit crime as well as fund a scheme to encourage Moroccans to return to Morocco, was cleared on another set of anti-Islamic hate-speech charges in 2011.

All this on the heels of the Brexit debates and how that impacts Europe, if negatively, since other countries are watching to see it become a positive so they can also exit the EU. 

Does this affect the US?  Yep. It is a global shift in how we must deal with troubling times. And while we were once a melting pot, let me say that the pot has melted while remaining contentious and divided. Now we need to become one country without the stupid divisions over-defining personal rights without regard to the greater good. It is, however, unlikely to happen unless forced upon us. 

Read the article and see what you think. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016


No doubt my PC readers will find this post objectionable. But then remember that I dislike the new age vocabulary that includes words like "underserved", "disenfranchised", and "transgender", the latter incorrectly defines the state of duality that is found in those with both sides of the anatomy.

My 4-minute video clearly explains my position. And my right to object to the rampant PC illness sweeping through the land. It's time to stop expecting entitlement just because you feel the need to be treated differently. It isn't even a need to be treated equally; rather, it is a special need placed over and above all else.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."  ~ quote from Mr. Spock in the films of "Star Trek"


Thursday, April 28, 2016


Ever wonder why we don't make a lot of things in the USA?  We could mass-manufacture just like China and wind up with competitively priced goods, not to mention a strong economy, skilled workers, and the knowledge that the product likely won't be contaminated with lead or other toxins, as many imports are. But we don't. 

And yet the FDA had considered a plan to take American chickens (already a problem) and have them shipped to China for processing before shipping them back?  Yes another bright idea!  [As an aside I wonder what provisions would be in place so that the Chinese don't switch our less toxic chickens for their own more toxic chickens?]

I walked around snapping country of origin certifications on various products. Bug spray was made in the US as was a Bic lighter.   Some labels claimed to be assembled in the US from imported items.

So how do we get American made as a viable entity?  Why should my iPhone be made in a foreign country?  The price of the phone is more reflective of the market willingness to buy it than it is a reflection of the manufacturing costs. And whenever a company announces billions in profits, you have to wonder how much of a sucker you are contributing to that.